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Grady Long was born in a small town in South Dakota to a musically gifted family of Irish and Norwegian descent. He began singing and performing in public at the age of 4 while traveling with his family across the US. Growing up he found that he greatly enjoyed many genres of American and World music.

He moved to Nashville, TN at the age of 20 to begin singing and playing guitar professionally with multiple artists. After marrying his wife from South India, his appreciation for Bollywood and Carnatic musical styles grew into a strong desire and passion to perform them. Years of touring and performing with major artists enabled him to bring together some of the finest musicians in the country which resulted in the formation of a world class band.

Grady brings his own style of singing and performance to Indian music. He enjoys creating new sounds by adding a distinct flare to the fusion of Eastern and Western musical styles while maintaining a deep respect and love of more traditional Indian music.
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